Safety Discounts Available for 2019 Workers Comp Premiums

The Board of Directors of the Municipal Workers Compensation Fund, Inc. (MWCF) met on October 24th and approved a 3% Safety Discount for each member adopting the 2019 Safe Workplace Guidelines and submitting it by February 1, 2019. The Safe Workplace Guidelines must be renewed annually. We encourage each member to review this document carefully, complete and return.  Please make a copy for your files and then completed forms should be returned to MWCF at P.O. Box 1270, Montgomery, AL  36102 or faxed to 334-263-0200. No discount will be issued after February 1, 2019 for Safe Workplace Guidelines received after that date.

Download the Safe Workplace Guidelines for 2019 here.

For more information about the Safe Workplace Guidelines, refer to the Fall 2018 issue of Risk Management Solutions. You can view past issues of Risk Management solutions here.